Dr. Ramy Habib

Periodontist in Woodbridge, VA

Periodontist Woodbridge VA - Dr. Habib

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Dr. Habib is a board certified periodontist. After completing his dental school, Dr. Habib obtained his Masters of Public Health degree from Nova Southeastern University. Followed by Dental Public Health Certificate from Columbia University. He then joined the post-graduate program in Periodontics at Columbia University, where he earned his masters of science degree and Certificate in Periodontics in June of 2018.  During his time at Columbia University, Dr. Habib was fortunate to work with each of its well-versed faculty members, and get trained in all the different aspects of periodontology; including all different types of classic periodontal and implant related surgeries. In his spare time, Dr. Habib enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.         

Areas of interest: 

• Soft tissue augmentation surgeries
• Dental implants.
• Guided bone and tissue regeneration
• Ridge augmentation
• Sinus lift.
• Laser assisted periodontal surgeries
• Wisdom teeth extractions